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PositiveGreat print that works well in my bedroom.2019/2/14 15:31:18John W. Kirk75.92$
Positivegreat painting - great deal2019/2/13 21:43:27panterapat182.45$
PositiveTerrific seller!!! Helpful & courteous. Fantastic experience. Thank you again!!!2019/2/13 14:02:53Harry Grover70.16$
Positivethe best thing to see on a morning .. nice deal2019/2/12 21:40:19Andrea McCarley242.77$
Positiveprecisely described and promptly delivered2019/2/12 14:52:19Robert Thain206.21$
PositiveAbsolutely beautiful! Thanks a bunch!2019/2/12 11:38:24Shannon Bowers116.52$
PositiveWow, great artwork, great customer service and fast delivery. Thanks2019/2/11 19:25:12Jason Tippin259.51$
PositiveBeautiful print - thanks!2019/2/11 14:49:49Alan Milton87.66$
PositiveSMOOTH TRANSACTION. LET'S DO IT AGAIN SOON. THANKS!2019/2/11 12:30:48Natasha Sujan133.25$
PositiveHighly recommended seller, big smile.2019/2/10 20:36:14Vita Schillinger151.52$
PositiveMultiple paintings, single shipment, superior communication & service! Thanks!2019/2/9 18:31:07fvieiramd302.14$
PositiveNice transaction - thanks!2019/2/9 16:07:31muchmall120.56$
PositiveA great piece of art by DeWitt Hardy. Thanks for the extra painting.2019/2/9 14:24:30toolsupply116.07$
PositiveMy favorite picture. I just love the couple on the beach. So romantic2019/2/9 9:56:12Gerard-Marie Anthony34.92$
PositiveA pleasure to do business with!2019/2/8 23:22:16damdel66183.85$
Positivevery unique item. wonderfully packaged. arrived quickly2019/2/8 19:49:38mrjpcool144.19$
PositiveGreat print and fast fast delivery!2019/2/8 15:30:29emaluna71.62$
PositiveWow, you could almost feel the folds fabulously done2019/2/8 14:38:01Jeffrey Scott Yarber109.73$
PositiveVery smooth transaction & complete satisfaction! A reputable seller! Thank You!2019/2/8 14:03:57magnus161126.14$
Positiverecieved item thank's2019/2/8 11:41:40Carla Willard83.36$
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